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Digital Marketing, Media & Influencer Outreach

Has everyone been telling you that your brand needs to be on social media, but not sure where to start?


Are you a start-up company who needs help creating a digital strategy? 


Are you looking to get the word out on your new product with influencers or the media? 


Would you like to create beautiful content to create a community but don't have the time or resources? 


Mariana Leung can help create your strategy, your content and take care of your press and blogger outreach.


If you need a crash course and strategy consultation, make an appointment with Mariana for a session to discuss what channels are right for your brand.  She will guide you to creating a social media plan that you can manage with leads for how to reach your target audience.


Campaigns can also be created around specific events. For examples, see the case studies to the right.






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