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Machi Footwear 

My goal with Machi Footwear was to raise its profile from being an unknown, mass market private label shoe company to a recognized fashion brand.


The challenge was that Machi Footwear was a darling of retail for the price point, but no one knew the name or thought of it as a high fashion label. 


I acted as brand ambassador by taking over and creating content for all of their social media accounts. I actively sought out fans of the brand to create a community around their favorite shoe styles. 


I reached out to magazines and designers to have them include Machi footwear in their photo editorials, runway shows and fashion round-ups. 


Machi Footwear outfitted the feet of models in several NYFW runway shows that season and were seeded to several celebrities and media influencers for Miami Swim Week. Top bloggers featured the product in their feeds throughout the year.


Followers increased 230% in the short time I worked with the brand.


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